About the Company

  1. Corporate Profile

    Board of Directors

    Executive Directors

    Zhou Hao (Chairman and Managing Director)
    Liao Siyang (Deputy General Manager)

    Non-Executive Directors

    Huang Junfeng
    Kuang Hu

    Independent Non-Executive Directors

    Yeung Man Lee BBS, JP
    Leung Luen Cheong
    Yang Ge

Audit Committee

  1. Yang Ge (Chairman of the Committee)
    Yeung Man Lee
    Leung Luen Cheong

Remuneration Committee

  1. Leung Luen Cheong (Chairman of the Committee)
    Yeung Man Lee
    Yang Ge

Nomination Committee

  1. Zhou Hao (Chairman of the Committee)
    Yeung Man Lee
    Leung Luen Cheong
    Yang Ge

Company Secretary

  1. Cheung Hoi Yin


    Certified Public Accountants

Registered Office

  1. 29th Floor, Guangdong Investment Tower
    148 Connaught Road Central
    Hong Kong
    Telephone : (852) 2308 1013
    Facsimile : (852) 2789 0451
    Website : www.namyueholdings.com

Share Registrar

  1. Tricor Tengis Limited
    17th Floor, Far East Finance Centre
    16 Harcourt Road
    Hong Kong
    Customer Service Hotline: (852) 2980 1333

Share Information

  1. Place of Listing : Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
    Stock Code : 01058
    Board Lot : 2,000 shares
    Financial Year End : 31 December